How to work snapchat planets in 2023

In this article we are talking about how to work snapchat planets in 2023. Snapchat is a very popular social media app, especially among young people from Generation Z. It has many cool features. But there’s something called Snapchat Plus, which adds even more to the experience. When you subscribe to it, you get extra stuff like changing the app’s logo, seeing who watches your stories multiple times, and picking special friends as your besties.

How to work snapchat planets in 2023

Now, there’s a new thing called the “Snapchat Friend Solar System.” This feature gives special names like “Snapchat planet” to your closest friends on the app. It’s a fun way to show who your best buddies are.

Snapchat planets

You know how the real solar system has the Sun at the center, and all the planets go around it at different distances. Well, if you’re using Snapchat Plus, you’re like the Sun in your own special “Friend Solar System.”

In this Snapchat solar system, the first planet is called Mercury, and it stands for the person you chat with the most and have streaks with, like your Snapchat best friend. The same idea goes for the next eight people you’re really close to on Snapchat. Each of them gets their own planet based on how good friends you are with them.

How to work snapchat planets in 2023

To find out which planet you are in your friend’s Snapchat universe, you first have to subscribe to Snapchat Plus. Once you’re subscribed, here’s what to do:

  1. Open your friend’s profile on Snapchat.
  2. Look for a badge with a gold outline. There are two types of badges:
    • The “Best Friends” badge: This badge means that you and your friend are in each other’s top eight best friends on Snapchat planets.
    • The “Friends” badge: This badge means that you are in your friend’s top eight best friends list, but they are not in yours.

So, if you see the “Best Friends” badge on your friend’s profile, it means you both are really close on Snapchat planets. But if you see the “Friends” badge, it means you’re in their top friends, but they might not be in your top friends list.

How to work snapchat planets in 2023

When you tap on either of those badges, it will show you where you stand in your friend’s Snapchat Friend Solar System. This is how they show how close you are in the form of planets. Each planet represents a different position on their best friends list.

So, let’s say you’re shown as “Jupiter” in their Snapchat solar system. That means you’re their fifth closest friend on Snapchat. Jupiter represents that spot in their list of best friends.

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